Chords for Happy Birthday Song to Play on a Piano

If you want to play the happy birthday song on a piano and don’t know how to, then don’t worry, we got an easy tutorial for you.

But first, to play on a piano, you at least know how to read chords. After that, check out the below chords for simple happy birthday song which you can play on any piano in the easiest way possible. Okay! Let’s take a look at the chords.

Happy Birthday Song Chords For Piano

Right Hand
G , G , A , G , C , B ,
G , G , A , G , D , C ,
G , G , G> , E , C , C , B , A ,
F , F , E , C , D , C .

Left Hand

Also, check out this nice video tutorial on how to play “Happy Birthday to You”. Note: Video is not using the same chords we have provided above.

If you have checked above piano chords of the happy birthday song, then you are ready to try it on your piano. If you are going to play this song at any birthday party, then you better do some practice, and here is a link to a piano tips youtube video that can help you.

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